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This is a README document for critical patch (code number 3.1.1_1) for cNIS 3.1.1.

The patch fixes a bug that prevents from editing/displaying bandwidth and speed attributes of Ethernet ports and SDH interfaces.

Patching procedure:

  1. Download patch file and save it to the Tomcat webapps directory. In most cases this folder is located under ${TOMCAT_HOME} directory. On the [CentOS] systems, if Tomcat server is installed from system RPMs, webapp directory is located under /var/lib/tomcat6 folder.
  2. Unzip patch archive
    1. Under Windows family systems, from the context menu choose option "Extract here.." or similar (depends on your system configuration).
    2. Under Linux family stystems open terminal in Tomcat webapps direcotry and issue command:
    3. You should be asked wheather to overwrite files. Please, confirm all requests.
    4. If unzip application does not asks you to confirm overwritting, it may means, that patch file was not properly stored in target directory. In such a case check whether file ${TOMCAT_HOME}/webapps/cma/header/javascripts_imports.jspf is newer then other files under cma direcotry. If not try to repeat unpack procedure and double check the unzip path. It should looks like: ${TOMCAT_HOME}/webapps
  3. Stop Tomcat server.
  4. Remove directory cma under ${TOMCAT_HOME}/work/Catalina/localhost/.
  5. Refresh your browser (use Ctrl+Shift+R shortcut in firefox).
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