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Latest AutoBAHN stable release 3.3 (27/04/2015)

  • AutoBAHN system: Patched (07/04/2016) for limiting reservations listing transfered to the Portal. The main software stack that contains the NSA/IDM and the NRM/DM that are setup for each participating domain. Includes the installation guide and cookbook.
  • WebGUI: The web based graphical user interface for submitting service requests. A single WebGUI instance can control multiple AutoBAHN domain installations.
  • Topology Service: Handles NML topologies centrally. A single Topology Service instance can serve multiple AutoBAHN domain installations.
  • The installation guide: Includes overall explanation of the architecture and software components, and instructions on how to install the AutoBAHN system, the WebGUI and the Topology Service components.
  • Cookbook for GEANT BoD service: Quick start guide for deployments in the GEANT BoD service.
  • Application for automated testing: An application that can be configured to run periodic automated tests to an [AutoBAHN] instance and report results via email.


AutoBAHN versions from 3.0 work best with cNIS 3.4.1 but can also work with cNIS 3.2 and cNIS 3.3.

You can download cNIS from cNIS site and follow the installation instructions.

Or you can drop the following archives directly in your Apache Tomcat webapps folder:

cNIS version 3.4.1:

TP Framework

  • TP Framework: Technology Proxy Framework for customization based on shell commands templates.

Dependencies for WebGUI

  • psi-probe (probe.war v2.3.1): A module for managing sessions, logged in users etc.
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