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1. Can I reserve a circuit to be activated at some time in the future?

Yes, the AutoBAHN system allows the reservation of the circuits both at the moment and in advance. The network resources utilization is being tracked by our calendar based module.

2. Can I reserve a circuit traversing multiple domains?

Yes, the idea of the system is to provide a common control-plane layer allowing multiple domains to find, negotiate, reserve and signal an end-to-end path. The domains may even implement different networking technologies.

3. Does AutoBAHN integrate with other BoD systems?

Yes, recent AutoBAHN releases (3.x) follow the NSI v2.0 standard (OGF GFD-R-P.212). Prior AutoBAHN releases (2.x) were compatible with DICE InterDomain Controller protocol (IDCP) and NSI v1.0.

Technological questions

1. What networking technologies are supported by the AutoBAHN system?

AutoBAHN system aims at delivering ISO/OSI Layer 1 and Layer 2 connectivity. The system is designed in a way that allows to adapt to any technology (specific Technology Proxy module must be prepared). Currently the following technologies are supported:

  • Ethernet
  • Ethernet over MPLS

2. What type of networking equipment is supported by the AutoBAHN system?

Equipment working under Bluenet Tool/Ans Tool (Cisco routers supporting AToM - 760x, 3750, 3500)
Brocade (Foundry) Network NetIron 8000 (EoMPLS)
Juniper MX80, EX4200 (Eth, EoMPLS)
Equipment working with Junos Space (currently used with Juniper Networks MX Series 3D Universal Routers)
Alcatel MCC 1678 (SDH)
Intune Networks Verisma iVX8000 (OPST - Optical Packet Switched Transport)
DLink 3450 (Eth)

If you use other type of equipment in your network you can still integrate it with AutoBAHN. You need to provide your own implementation of the Technology Proxy. The module needs to implement the Tool Web Service (Tool).

3. Is there other way to integrate AutoBAHN with my network equipment without building Technology Proxy from scratch?

Yes, there is, but there are still some limitations. If your network equipment is configurable through e.g. CLI using telnet/ssh protocols it is possible to adopt and customize Technology Proxy Framework. It uses command templates mechanism to manage configuration on the devices along reservation path.

4. Does TP Framework support integration with any external NMS?

No, it does not. You will need to build your own Technology Proxy to integrate AutoBAHN with the NMS. However you could make use of the list of Technology Proxies already developed, if they match your equipment technology according to the table above.

5. What management protocols are used to interact with network equipment?

Protocol Equipment
SSH Bluenet Tool (NMS)
SSH Juniper MX80, EX4200 (Eth, EoMPLS)
SSH Brocade (Foundry) Network NetIron 8000
ISN Alcatel NMS 1353NM/1354RM/1359ISN
REST API (Junos Space) Juniper Networks MX Series 3D Universal Routers

6. Is it possible to test some Autobahn functionality without real equipment?

Yes, you can test all the system's control-plane features with no network configuration by:

  • Setting the tool.address property to 'none' in the etc/ file, or
  • Using a mock Technology Proxy module, details here.

AutoBAHN Usage

1. How can I submit the requests to the system?

AutoBAHN system comes with a web application 'BoD Portal', allowing the end users request and manage their circuits (see the screenshots).

There is also a possibility to interact with AutoBAHN through API, which is exposed as a web service. You need to write a client of the web service in any programming language. The interface is described in details in this page.

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