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Welcome to AutoBAHN

AutoBAHN stands for Automated Bandwidth Allocation across Heterogenous Networks. It is a Bandwidth on Demand system dedicated to reserve resources in heterogeneous, multi-domain environments, allowing immediate and advance circuit reservations. The project was developed in GN2 as a pilot and during GN3 transitioned from the pilot to a tool for providing the production Bandwidth on Demand service for the Geant community until today.

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Architecture overview

A single AutoBAHN instance deployed in a domain consist of three main software components:

  • InterDomainManager (IDM)
  • Domain Manager (DM)
  • Technology Proxy (TP)

The following components need to be deployed once for the whole AutoBAHN environment:

  • Topology Service
  • Web GUI - graphical user interface

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AutoBAHN solution delivers:
  • user friendly GUI for service (reservation) management (see Screenshots)
  • external API for user custom applications based on NSI
  • integration with other BoD systems through conformance to NSI CS v2.0 interface
  • support for different network technologies: GFP over SDH, L2 MPLS VLL, native Ethernet
  • secure data exchange and information management about topology, resources, etc.
  • enhancement of AAI to provide more flexible policies
  • Integration with cNIS domain topology database

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