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Mock Technology Proxy

If you wish to try your [AutoBAHN] installation without having set up a Technology Proxy, you can use this mock implementation. The mock TP does not contact any underlying network equipment, but simulates success/error responses in order to test the BoD software behaviour.


Example: 1 8080

Launches 1 instance of [TechnologyProxy] listening on port 8080.
URLs of TP service is:http://localhost:8080/autobahn/tool1
You may program the behaviour of TP remotely to simulate a network problem. URL is:http://localhost:8080/autobahn/programmer1

Example2: 3 9090

Launches 3 instances of [TechnologyProxy] listening on port 9090.

URLs of TP services are:http://localhost:9090/autobahn/tool1http://localhost:9090/autobahn/tool2http://localhost:9090/autobahn/tool3

You may program the behaviour of TP remotely to simulate a network problem. URLs are:http://localhost:9090/autobahn/programmer1http://localhost:9090/autobahn/programmer2http://localhost:9090/autobahn/programmer3

All the incoming requests and operations are displayed on console.

Programming the mock TP
Launch script to program desired TP instance.
Example: http://localhost:8082/autobahn/programmer1 REQ_EX 20

Tells the TP instance (programmer1 controls tool1) to throw REQuest_EXception after 20 seconds after addReservation method was called for the TP.

Valid messages are:
OK - success
REQ_EX - [RequestException]
SYS_EX - [SystemException]

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