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Issue reporting

In order to report an issue please follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the issue reporting system (
    If you are a new user please create an account here (this feature will be added soon, I hope so)
  1. Once logged in, you can list all existing issues or request a new one. Select Issues -> Create issue.
  2. Select appropriate Project and Issue Type (bug, new feature, task, improvement)
  3. Then provide short but meaningful summary (topic) and a rich description including a scenario that allows to reproduce the issue.
  4. Provide as much helpful information as possible, including: affected version, component (if known), priority (how much important it is for you) and environment details (operating system, web browser, JVM, etc.).
  5. Provide a Tested by value (required). We recommend to set it to your username as a requester is usually the best tester. By default, requester and tester are informed (via e-mail messages) about all relevant actions, so they do not need to follow the issue tracking system on-line.
  6. Save the issue.
  7. Finally Attach helpful resources like screen shots, log files or others.

To learn more about issue reporting and tracking, please refer to the Quality Assurance Best Pracitce Guide (Chapter "Bug Tracking") provided by SA4 T1.

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