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Please be aware that there are two change logs maintained at the moment:

3.4.0 (2013/07/17)

New features:

  • Lists of ports available for external domains are preloaded from LS at system startup
  • A lot of tooltips with explanations added to GUI
  • MTU field added in Ethernet and SDH interfaces
  • Removed fields in Location entity: geocoord_type and zone

3.3.1 (2013/03/29)

New feature:

  • New alarm service interaction mode: Simple Alarm Reporting Profile

3.3 (2013/03/01)

Sprint 40 (2013/03/01)

Bugs fixed:

  • Misspelt words "Merge" and "Edit" at device details and integrated floating panel (Help bar)
  • "Node with given ID does not exist" after removing an MPLS interface assigned to an EDL instance
  • Misaligned scroll for device details at visualization panel
  • Error when editing name of user group
  • Can't edit Location details after being entered
  • Error when editing users details (General & Security)

Sprint 39 (2013/02/15)

User story:

  • As an AB administrator I want to install ABS and CMA application as one package


  • Installation procedure for Ubuntu Server
  • Information for users about possibility of listening port number change (in Tomcat) from default 8080 to another.


  • Can't see all router details clearly at Visualization
  • Ip discovery results lost when switching between pages
  • Database update script has to be updated - removing unique constraints from Mpls objects
  • After deleting SDH interface user it redirected to not existing page
  • Adding subsequent EDL that has same attributes as one deleted before couse duplication error
  • Deleting MPLS interface redirects to invalid page
  • External domain link add form works in indeterministic way
  • EDL should be removed when removing node or interface
  • MPLS discovery cannot delete interfaces connected to links
  • Automatic dependency resolver doesn't work properly for removed topology objects

Sprint 38 - part 2 (2013/02/01)

User stories:

  • As a AB User I want to trace changes in EDLs
  • As AB User I want to be informed about network topology changes

3.2.1 (2013/01/25)

Sprint 38 - part 1 (2012/01/25)

Big function completed:

  • Improving performance of selected cNIS pages (part 2)

User stories:

  • Upgrade to Google Maps [JavaScript] API v3
  • As a user i want to have link add/edit page loaded in reasonable time
  • As a user I want to have interface add/edit page loaded in reasonable time
  • As a user i want to have EDL page loaded in reasonable time

Sprint 37 (2013/01/18)

Security vulnerabilities:

  • Displaying raw data by JSP without proper HTML encoding
  • Sorting by columns does not work
  • Objects or methods that should be accessed in a static way


  • Strange behavior of number of pages

Sprint 36 (2013/01/04)

Security vulnerabilities:

  • Method may expose internal representation by returning reference to mutable object
  • Creating comparators with partially validated parameters
  • Method does not close Stream
  • Libraries are used in obsolete versions
  • Ignoring a result of [InputStream].read()
  • Ignoring a return value of a method
  • Unnecessary code
  • [BindException] when using more '?' in parameter string
  • Many pages show error messages when accessed directly


  • Accepting interfaces fails when there are two nodes in different layers but with the same name
  • Not all "Required fields" are listed in error messages when adding HOVCTrail or VCG
  • Network discovery logs page may crush page switching
  • Adding two ETH/SDH/IP object with the same name causes unknown error

Sprint 35 (2012/12/14)

Security vulnerabilities:

  • Possible Null Pointer Dereference
  • Null pointer dereference
  • Infinite loop
  • Comparison of Integer references
  • Empty condition
  • Method might ignore Exception
  • A field isn't marked as final and can't be protected from malicious code
  • (cannot reproduce) Accepting changes after SDH discovery crashes
  • Parsing a parameter without validation


  • Ethernet node VLAN ranges editing bug
  • No space between number and text in IP discovery results
  • MPLS External domain links missing at home page list as function of selected module
  • SDH External domain links missing at home page list as function of selected module
  • Ethernet External domain links missing at home page list as function of selected module
  • No discovery information on MPLS Home Page
  • Comments change their position on the screen
  • IP links drop down menu for interface selection does not close when select available interface
  • MPLS interface custom attributes filds not aligned well
  • Remove Validity section from IP link details/add/edit
  • Undefined error occur when enter SDH Physical link that already exist
  • Undefined error occur when enter Device list number that does not exist
  • When add new IP link Router (interface) A and Router (interface) B switch places in Link list
  • Missing Help for MPLS External domain links - Link list and Add link
  • (will not be fixed) Input boxes exit out of boundaries
  • [AutobahnService] throws [NullPointerException] v3.2
  • cNIS logo can be aligned better
  • Errors messages can be more user oriented
  • Different fields order in edit form and display form (SDH ext domain link)
  • Undefined error when adding new IP link that already exist.
  • Text formating error for Router on Visualization panel
  • Router duplication when accepting changes on IP discovery

Sprint 30 (2012/10/05)


  • Simplify database update procedure on forge

3.2 (2012/09/21)

Sprint 29 (2012/09/21)


  • As a User I want to install cNIS with graphical installer without reading installation guide
  • Text: "User cannot be deleted" should be displayed as more visible - e.g. in red colour
  • Icon is required showing that auto-completion exists in EDL ID field and EDL Port ID field

Bugs fixed:

  • SDH node edit page doesn't display correctly
  • Password on Change Password page is filled, when the browser is storing default password
  • MPLS link Help comments get out of the screen area, also some text errors
  • SDH external domain link "Back" button don't work
  • SDH CC list "Back" button wont work
  • Ethernet domain list link and Add Ethernet domain links are not available
  • Ethernet external domain link "Back" button wont work
  • Ethernet external domain link title not formatted well
  • Ethernet VLAN list don't exist at left navigation menu but they are still listed as functions of Ethernet topology module
  • View link missing for device list in last column
  • The user name and password on add user page is filled, when the browser is storing default user name and password
  • Inconsistent message when adding empty device
  • Empty message when deleting of External domain link
  • The "Back" button on user details(general and security pages) site doesn't work
  • Missing help bar for MPLS External domain links and Discovery panel
  • Error occur when try to see VLANs information for created Ethernet link
  • Undefined error information when adding new VLAN

Sprint 28 (2012/08/31)

Big functions completed:

  • Adjusting MPLS tab to [AutoBAHN] needs

User stories:

  • As a user I want to configure EDL LS service in installers
  • As a user I want to be able to provide additional information to MPLS Node/Interface/EDL


  • Prepare generic mechanism for cnis messages

Bugs fixed:

  • EDL service should not connect with lookup service when the url parameter is empty
  • Deleting User doesn't work
  • Many test fail on CI
  • Wrong url for getting end port ids for EDLs
  • CMA is not responding after several logins
  • An error occurs when switching tab during editing user details
  • cNIS Nightbuild does not gather static code analyse stats
  • Some empty fields in graphical installer have value "notset" instead of being really empty

Sprint 27 (2012/08/17)

Big functions completed:

  • Improving performance of selected cNIS pages (part 1)
  • List of external domains loaded from server


  • Improved context help: glossaries and specific help texts in specific places

User stories:

  • As a user I want to display selected cMA pages in reasonable time
  • As a User I want to have list of external domains ids loaded dynamically from external server when adding/editing EDLs
  • As a user I want to download topology data via [cNIS:AutoBAHN] Service interface in a reasonable time

Bugs fixed:

  • Wrong css for add button element
  • An lazy initialization error occurs on 'search for links' form (ip tab)
  • An lazy initialization error occurs on add link form (ip tab)
  • Unhandled error after login on user without any permissions
  • No error message and tab icon on creating empty device
  • Wrong validation message on too short password
  • VLANs tab should be removed from eth link
  • Delete location entry error
  • When editing SDH EDL (sdh-external-domain-link-details-general-edit) interface list shows CTPs
  • Device list missing icons
  • Error when try to add email address for location
  • Page crashes on Ethernet Add Link and Link list

Sprint 26 (2012/07/20)

Big functions completed:

  • Adjusting existing functionality to [cNIS:AutoBAHN] needs

User stories implemented:

  • As an AB WS User I can read new attributes that has been added to objects in ETH and SDH technologies
  • As a User I can specify 'client' checkbox and 'description' field to External Domain Link in GUI
  • As a user I don't want the "[cNIS:AutoBAHN]" tab in GUI
  • As a user I can indicate that "multiple links are allowed" on a particular Ethernet port/SDH physical interface
  • As a user I can specify a public name for Ethernet port/SDH physical interface in GUI
  • As a user I can specify a description for Eth/SDH/MPLS external domain link
  • As a user I can view Eth and SDH external domain links as having the same structure

Bugs fixed:

  • [cNIS:VlanRangeDomainDaoImplTestIT] fails
  • After few clicks CMA hangs - all connections are being consumed
  • Start port is empty on ETH EDL list
  • [cNIS:InstantiationException]: Cannot instantiate abstract class or interface: [cNIS:GenericInterfaceCore] when viewing [cNIS:EthNode]'s
  • More than one vlan range can't be added in one step (eth node)
  • Port Bandwidth field cannot be set/read
  • HOVC link can't be added to HOVC trail
  • When adding new HO VC link, after click on Add link button nothing happens. Edit form is still active.
  • Error in Ethernet and SDH tab if adding port/interface wasn't finished

Other issues done:

  • Coding conventions described in documentation
  • Find best way to monitor cNIS [cNIS:AutoBAHN] Service component using Nagios and describe it in documentation
  • Describe error handling in CMA module
  • Configure cNIS deployer job on [cNIS:JenkinsCI]

3.1.1 (2012/06/27)

  • DOCS: user's documentation in form of wiki pages available on-line
  • IMPROVEMENT: More user-friendly configuration files with meaningful comments and useful examples
  • FIX: Cannot add VCG in SDH tab
  • FIX: Problem with entering e-mail address - creating a user just doesn't accept any mail-address
  • FIX: After accepting of SDH discovered topology cNIs tabs go crazy
  • FIX: Question mark pointing to user help should be removed - context help is replacing it
  • FIX: CMA crash after switch to Ethernet link list tab
  • FIX: Tomcat loops when trying to display HTTP 500 page
  • FIX: Password confirmation is mandatory while editing user property.
  • FIX: Can't create a new link because no interface can be chosen
  • FIX: Discovery results page in IP tab doesn't work (throws JSP error)
  • FIX: Tabs does not work on page ip-search-links.htm
  • FIX: Ethernet Link List rendering problem in cNIS 3.1
  • FIX: Example path to CMA log file references to "ts.log" instead of "cma.log"
  • FIX: Should be "cNIS Management Application" instead of "cMA with cNDA" in every occurenece in the installer

3.1 (2012/05/28)

  • NEW: Context help in a bar on the right shown on demand in cNIS Management Application
  • NEW: Remote [cNIS:AutoBAHN] application can verify if some elements has changed in network topology in a given range of dates and times
  • NEW: Remote [cNIS:AutoBAHN] application can get topology with marked changes in a given range of dates and times
  • REMOVED: functionality for pruning and partitioning
  • IMPROVEMENT: Update the acceptable vaules for "" property in file
  • IMPROVEMENT: Improved UI by removing "iframes" from HTML pages
  • IMPROVEMENT: Java code formatter configuration
  • IMPROVEMENT: Unify logging tools
  • FIX: Visualization of Bandwidth of SDH Physical Links should take into account STM type
  • FIX: Bug in selective accepting of a tunnel
  • FIX: Setting maximum row count in display settings does not work for MPLS tab
  • FIX: "[cNIS:NullPointerException]" when malformed request message comes (no request root tag)
  • FIX: testDoRefreshEthLink test has some errors
  • FIX: CMA cannot store value for bandwidth
  • FIX: Bandwidth is not being stored for objects in Eth, SDH and IP technologies

3.0 (2011/11/10)

Major extensions:

  • NEW: Support for MPLS technology
  • NEW: Support for 'Stitching Framework'
  • NEW: Management of multi-technology network

Minor issues:

  • NEW: Ability to specify bandwidth in Mbps and Gbps
  • NEW: Many layouts for topology displayed on visualization panel
  • NEW: Information about which node's interface/port is being added, shown or edited
  • NEW: Explanation of selected fields in CMA user's interface
  • NEW: Add choose page bar to table tag
  • IMPROVEMENT: Make help icon more visible
  • IMPROVEMENT: Adding multiple VLAN ranges at once
  • IMPROVEMENT: CMA informs that there are 'no relations to be discovered' instead of 'no existing relations found'
  • IMPROVEMENT: [cNIS:NullPointerException] thrown when plugin can't connect to routers
  • FIX: Bandwidth of SDH physical link is discovered but not editable via GUI
  • FIX: Fail login count is not set to 0 after unlocking a user
  • FIX: Some tables are not displayed properly (right border disappears)
  • FIX: When effective date colflict exception occurs, user is presented with "An error occured. See application log for details" message instead of the appropriate one ("Effective date conflict... ")
  • FIX: Initialised objects provided to JSP ip-node-list.jsp - lazy exception
  • FIX: No confirmation needed when accepting some of SDH discovery result
  • FIX: Error while displaying VCG list(Sdh panel)
  • FIX: Fix CMA jsp errors - lazy exceptions and enum mapping problems
  • FIX: Listing VCGs for [cNIS:SdhNode] does not work when there are any VCGs present
  • FIX: Storing info about nodes matched during interlayer discovery is not properly stored in db.
  • FIX: Upper-case letters are being cut on every Tab (IP, MPLS, ect.) [cNIS:FireFox4]
  • FIX: It is impossible to create Ethernet interface
  • FIX: Incorrect context help URL perconfigured in cNIS Management Application
  • FIX: Unable to delete an external domain link
  • FIX: Interlayer Matching mechanism does not check if matched nodes are related to any other Metanode
  • FIX: Back button from Common -> Devices list points to Mpls main page - it should to Common Main page
  • FIX: Changing sublink relations causes link duplication in flash [cNIS:NetVis] module
  • FIX: Flash visualization does not take into account Versioning
  • Double information about IP router on match element page
  • FIX: Error when retrieving topology with cABS application
  • FIX: Error after edition of external domain link
  • FIX: 404 on common tab
  • FIX: Inconsistent behaviour when visualising interlayer links relations
  • FIX: CMA does not clear a database at start-up although configured properly
  • FIX: No such object exception in Common -> Device list
  • FIX: Selecting accepting causes [cNIS:TransienObject] exception
  • FIX: Do not display the '0' value for nulls in numerical fields
  • FIX: User passwords silently ignore special characters
  • FIX: Flash panel should keep the information about currently selected topology, even thou there are no nodes to be displayed
  • FIX: Administrator cannot change its own password
  • FIX: It is impossible to change owner of Ethernet node (needs to be checked also for eth interfaces and links)

2.3.2 (2011/06/09)

  • NEW: Tomcat 5.5.x is no longer supported by graphical installer - 6.0.x version is recommended,
  • FIX: Bandwidth values bigger than 1Gbps are now supported,
  • FIX: Broken context help URL repaired,
  • FIX: Logging debug messages as errors - eliminated.

2.3.1 (2011/03/23)

  • NEW: 'VLAN translation support' flag added to Ethernet device entity
  • NEW: Improved choosing of an interface from a list
  • FIX: When editing the tags for port it is impossible to edit an existing one or delete one

2.3.0 (2010/11/22)

  • NEW: Version number of cNIS logged in log files when start/shutdown,
  • NEW: Atypical bandwidth links drawn with purplish red color,
  • NEW: Total number of elements displayed on a single page list,
  • NEW: Configuration file in cNIS Management Application,
  • NEW: End-user's documentation reorganized,
  • FIX: Same name for nodes from different layers causes errors,
  • FIX: Gfx installer doesn't allow to continue while database is not accessible,
  • FIX: Information panel (flash visualization) disappeared,
  • FIX: It is possible to access the topology without login procedure,
  • FIX: Null pointer exception during generation of XML file for googlemaps visualisation,
  • FIX: An exception is thrown when viewing tags of router interface,
  • FIX: Creating ethernet port - incomplete information about vlan,
  • FIX: Discovered ethernet domain not included in discovery results - Java objects building issue,
  • FIX: Ethernet plug-in does not discover links and VLANs,
  • FIX: Help hyperlink directs to an outdated location,
  • FIX: Messages of the sdh plug-ins saved into a log file,
  • FIX: Multiple users can run interlayers' relations finding algorithm,
  • FIX: CMA displays HTML input by user - [cNIS:JavaScript] injection vulnerability,
  • FIX: HTML code in the settings screen,
  • FIX: Interlayer relations info message is not complete.

2.2.0 (2010/02/26)

  • NEW: Information about total number of items above a list,
  • NEW: Maven configuration change: groupId prefix set to 'net.geant.cnis',
  • NEW: Messages of the ethernet discovery plugin saved into a log file,
  • NEW: More detailed messages for NE plugin initialization errors,
  • NEW: Network Explorer module separated from NDMA as a different Maven subproject,
  • NEW: Source code migrated to GN3 software infrastructure,
  • NEW: Internal project structure rearranged,
  • FIX: Undiscovered Ethernet nodes interrupt discovery procedure with an error,
  • FIX: [cNIS:OutOfMemoryError]: [cNIS:PermGen] space,
  • FIX: Badwidth of Ethernet link cannot be defined/displayed through GUI,
  • FIX: Flash visualization - double click on link does not effect in redirecting to proper visualization,
  • FIX: Location Coordinates rounding error,
  • FIX: Null Pointer Exception when modifying VLANs for ethernet port.

2.1.0 (2009/10/23)

  • NEW: Ethernet Plugn available out-of-the-box,
  • NEW: Links to external domains managed via GUI,
  • NEW: Key-Value attributes for selected entities,
  • NEW: Ethernet discovery plugin preinstalled in cNIS Management Application,
  • NEW: GFX installer run in batch mode,
  • NEW: 'Access level' collumn added to user list (on system tab),
  • FIX: Reduplication of ant log messages in automated installation log,
  • FIX: Flash visualization loads some default data when it is invoked,
  • FIX: Eliminate warning message: A C3P0Registry mbean is already registered.

2.0.3 (2009/07/31)

  • NEW: SDH Aclatel Plugn available out-of-the-box,
  • NEW: Configurable SDH domain description instead of predefined options,
  • NEW: Configuration of SDH-Alcatel plugin reloaded always when discovery starts,
  • FIX: Ethernet domain demo ( is always returned when the Ethernet topology discovery process is run,
  • FIX: FLASH-based topology map works only with '/cma' URL prefix,
  • FIX: Listing discovery results for Ethernet and SDH fails ([cNIS:OutOfMemoryError]: Java heap space),
  • FIX: Only one instance of [cNIS:SdhDomain] object created during plugin's initialization step,
  • FIX: SDH POJO-based plugin influences application logging configuration,
  • FIX: Generating FLASH-based network map takes lot of time,
  • FIX: An error occures when using POJO-based SDH discovery plugin to connect to firewalled machine,
  • FIX: User shouldn't be able to remove himself using CMA,
  • FIX: Scrolling of the CMA web pages,
  • FIX: Conflicting libraries (xml-apis.jar, xmlParserAPIs.jar) excluded from cnis-wsf module.

2.0.2 (2009/05/29)

  • NEW: cNIS internal libraries (common, ndma, etc.) available in form of ZIP packages,
  • NEW: Extend demo topology data to make it a comprehensive example of network topology,
  • NEW: FLASH-based topology visualization generated in a deterministic way,
  • NEW: Ant logs in gfx installer,
  • FIX: Links sometimes disappear from FLASH visualization panel,
  • FIX: 10G links presented as 9.95G on [cNIS:GoogleMaps] visualitzation panel,
  • FIX: Gfx installer requires the location of eduGain properties, even if eduGain is to be omitted.

2.0.1 (2009/03/31)

  • NEW: [cNIS:EduGain] support in gfx installer,
  • FIX: Errors when accepting some discovered element of SDH topology,
  • FIX: Ethernet node with empty name added by ndma Ethernet plugin.

2.0 (2009/02/27)

Major release with many improvements and new features, including:

  • FLASH-based visualization panel with interlayer relations support,
  • automatic discovery of interlayer relations,
  • more intuitive configuration files,
  • [cNIS:EduGAIN] support enabled in web services,
  • Remote access to cNIS interfaces logged into log files.

1.5.3 (2009/01/29)

Minor improvements

1.5.2 (2008/11/28)

Ethernet and SDH support added to network visualization

1.5.1 (2008/10/01)

Ability to assign [cNIS:HoVcLinks] to the [cNIS:HoVcTrail] and [cNIS:HoVcTrails] to VCG via the GUI

1.5 (2008/09/05)

Major release with many improvements and new features, including:

  • Data versioning functionality can be enabled/disabled in cNIS Management Application,
  • SDH network support with many tools for advanced exploration through the GUI,
  • new access interface: [cNIS:AutoBAHN] Service,
  • topology versioning support,
  • Pathfiner module compatible with AMPS,
  • experimental support for [cNIS:EduGAIN]-enabled web services.

1.5-beta (2008/07/15)

A non-stable release of cNIS 1.5 for deep testing

1.1.4 (2008/07/03)

IP changes can be 'suspended'

1.1.3 (2008/06/05)

Long tables are divided into many pages

1.1.2 (2008/05/07)

CMA Tabs can be enabled/disabled via configuration panel; /30 and /32 networks are not displayed by default

1.1.1 (2008/04/03)

Minor improvements

1.1 (2008/03/12)

Major release with many improvements and new features, including:

  • Third-party plugins can be added to Network Explorer,
  • changes are accepted atomically (all or none),
  • IP networks filtration in IP discovery plugin,
  • dynamic sorting of tables,
  • support for E2E queries in Topology Service,
  • synchronization of Ethernet topology data.

1.0.3 (2008/01/09)

User passwords are encrypted

1.0.2 (2007/12/04)

Internet Explorer support corrected; input data validated automatically by [cNIS:JavaScript]

1.0.1 (2007/10/31)

Minor improvements

1.0.0 (2007/09/21)

First stable release of cNIS. It supports IP and Ethernet network topology data and [cNIS:GoogleMaps]-based topology visualization. Only IP data can be discovered automaically.

As a user I want to display selected cMA pages in reasonable time
As a User I want to have list of external domains ids loaded dynamically from external server when adding/editing EDLs
As a user I want to download topology data via [cNIS:AutoBAHN] Service interface in a reasonable time
Improved context help: glossaries and specific help texts in specific places
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