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Need help?

  • Please call or e-mail the Multi-Domain Service Desk at,
  • or discuss your issue with cNIS community via a mailing list.

Want to report a bug?

  • Please contact the Multi-Domain Service Desk at,
  • or report your issue directly into the cNIS issue management system.

Want to share your opinion? 

  • Discuss your issues with the community via mailing lists,
  • or post a message on a forum (below).

Mailing lists

Here you can:
  • ask for help,
  • suggest new extensions/improvements,
  • discuss with other users. Here you can discuss development plans and implementation issues.

Issue management system

Issues are managed with use of a JIRA application available here:

Please refer to section Bug Reporting to learn more about a bug reporting procedure.


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This is cNIS Feedback users and developers feedback area. Feel free to create new and comment existing topics. You have to be logged in to post a new comments.

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