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Welcome to Common Network Information Service project forge

The aim of the cNIS (cNIS stands for Common Network Information Service) is to provide a unified repository of all relevant network information about a single administrative domain. cNIS was expected to be the "single point of storage", but in fact it is more than just a database. Apart from the internal functionality required for populating, validating and updating the database, it is equipped with modules for analyzing the topology data and presenting the data in a client-specified format (graphical, tabular or even XML for external applications).

Current development


cNIS Management Application (cMA) is the web tool dedicated for network operators to browse and modify the network topology data stored in the database. It makes it possible to initialize the topology database on the base of a topology discovery function.

cNIS AutoBAHN Service (cABS) provides access to the cNIS topology repository for AutoBAHN system. cABS makes it possible to retrieve the full of SDH/Ethernet/MPLS topology. cABS is a read-only interface (the repository data cannot be modified) communicating with AutoBAHN system through the well-defined XML language.

Network Visualization Framework 1.1

It is java library with embedded flash visualization panel derived from cNIS project. It can be very easily integrated with any java web applications, especially if it is based on Spring 2.5 and above (check the short guide). It can visualize up to several hundreds of interconnected nodes. There are couple of graph layout algorithms available for topology visualization like organic and hierarchical. Component has many useful options and tools like zooming, saving topology snapshot to PNG file, making visualization on full screen (works with high resolutions). It allows link and nodes coloring depending on some particular parameters value. Selected path highlighting is also available. There are many options to explore, please check for yourselves the official demo and project documentation!

It is a reusable component with its own development plan and version numbers. [NetVis] has been separated from cNIS in the form of a framework to be reused in other GEANT tools. Currently it is integrated with the AutoBAHN web portal.

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