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Meeting notes - 2012.10.31 - Skype call with Kostas - Sprint Review

  1. Sprint results were presented to Kostas via Skype screen sharing facility. The implemented framework seems OK. Kostas will give more feedback in next 2 weeks as he started itegrating it with [AutoBAHN].
  2. Product backlog needs to be updated with the following items (most important first):
    1. Implement side panel
    2. Configurable highlighting color
    3. Fix Flash stability issue
    4. Optimize performance (part2)
    5. Interdomain link modification should be presented as topology change when asking for topology changes via ABS interface
  3. [AutoBAHN] Team doesn't have plans about integrating cNIS and [AutoBAHN] installers - this needs to be discussed with Marcin and BoD people.
  4. Kostas: We don't have plans about using MPLS in BoD service. There are some MPLS domains currently but we model them as Ethernet domains because of some technical issues. 
  5. No plans about alarm service in [AutoBAHN] at the moment.
  6. Using the Visualization Framework in CMA is an internal issue of cNIS dev team.
  7. Configurable colors for link bandwidth (single color associated to specified bandwidth range).
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