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Project maturity analysis


cNIS project maturity analysis is based on [OpenSource] Maturity Model (OMM). When performed periodically OMM analysis helps in tracking project maturity progress and in making continuous improvements.

OMM description (from official site -

The [OpenSource] Maturity Model (OMM) is a CMMI-like process model for FLOSS development. This process model aims to help in building trust in development processes of companies using or producing FLOSS products.

OMM comprises trustworthy elementss required for FLOSS development based on surveys and best practices from CMMI. The trustworthy elements are grouped into 3 maturity levels-basic, intermediate and advanced.

Analysis documents

Name Size Creator Creation Date Comment  
PDF File cnis-omm-2012-05_v1.0-2.pdf 98 kB Maciej Labedzki Jul 02, 2012 13:54  
PDF File cnis-omm-summary_v1.0-4.pdf 506 kB Maciej Labedzki Jul 02, 2012 13:54  
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