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Take a look at our perfSONAR Administrator's Guide where you'll find the official installation and configuration documentation developed and maintained by the perfSONAR MDM team.

Users of perfSONAR MDM for LHCOPN and GN3 Service Area please contact Multi-Domain Service Desk at to report problems or visit it home page.

If you faced problem, the chances are that someone else has encountered it too. You can send your question to our community support mailing list where you can keep your query active until our community member offers an answer which can solve your problem. You can also search through all of the other questions which have been asked and answered. If you want to subscribe to community support list visit subscription page.

Submitting problem reports

If you have problems with running a service, please attach some additional information:

  • Release number
  • Type of the service
  • Operating System, hardware platform
  • Dependencies version where applies (Java, Tomcat, eXist, etc)
  • Problem description (how you run the application, what instruction you followed, what the error was, and when it occured)
  • Configuration files and log file perfsonar.log could help us to diagnose your error

Other support sources

See also perfSONAR MDM Knowledge Base

Want to join the community?

Mailing lists
OGF Network Measurement Working Group Mailing lists
  • nmc-wg - to standardize the XML-based protocols that are currently in use in the perfSONAR project to control network measurement infrastructure and to share the results of the measurements and metrics that are generated
  • nml-wg - to provide an extensible schema to describe computer networks
perfSONAR in Linkedin
All perfSONAR members using Linkedin are invited to join perfSONAR group in LinkedIn. In order to join the group please follow the link below:

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