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perfSONAR 2.0

perfSONAR 2.0

  • New installation concept - each service is a separate product/project.
  • Light weight bundle
    • It only contains the bundle installer
    • Bundle installer downloads tar balls of services that the user wishes to install
  • Multiple Services can be installed on same tomcat
  • New installer script
    • Menu based interactive installation, on-demand download of services
    • Improved robustness - 4 steps for installation (pre-install, configure, deploy, test)
    • Can work with both Java services and perl services
    • Installer is written in perl (requires perl) but to install Java services, it requires Apache Ant
  • Products: 4 new services, 2 improved services
    • New Services: Command Line MP (Java), SSH/Telnet MP (Java), BWCTL MP (Perl), SQL MA (Java)
    • Improved Services: RRD MA (Java), Lookup Service (Java)
    • Versions of services
      • Command Line MP - 1.1
      • RRD MA - 2.2
      • SQL MA - 1.3
      • BWCTL MP - 0.2
      • Lookup Service - 1.1.1
      • SSH/Telnet MP - 1.1
  • New features in all Services
    • Result codes used extensively - converted most java exceptions returned to client into xml result codes
    • Echo functionality on all java services - More like a ping message to the service. Helps in determining status of deployments
    • Automatic download and installation of Tomcat (all Java services) and eXist XML database (RRD MA and SQL MA only)
    • Lookup Service registrations and keep-alives across all 6 services
Known Issues
  • Leading and trailing White spaces (spaces, new lines, tabs) in xml elements contained in requests can sometimes lead to undesirable/incorrect behavior. It is suggested that unnecessary/formatting white spaces SHOULD NOT be introduced either in xml requests or in the xml metadata configuration file
  • The installer may not clearly mention that tomcat restart is required before the last action it does in deploy step.
  • Jakarta Tomcat log files (catalina.out) tend to overflow (especially when LS registration is turned on). Re-routing them to /dev/null is suggested
  • XML-LS pre-installation step requires that eXist database be installed and 'initiated'. This varies from RRD MA and SQL MA services which can automatically do the installation and initiation.
  • BWCTL MP installer stores the configuration insider the perl files (except pre-install). This is not similar to the Java services
  • SQL MA could encounter problems due to user privileges. The default installation scripts for SQL tables (lightpath and utilisation) make use of '%'. Sometimes this use of '%' instead of 'localhost' or any specific service name causes the SQL database to not allow the request to continue. This can be handled on the SQL database side by changing the user's privileges to 'localhost' or the dns entry of the machine where the SQL MA is installed.
  • SQL MA - store functionality does not validate the store request thoroughly. Although proper requests succeed, improper ones could end up being stored as well
  • The collection names in exist is pretty much fixed (see default values in interactive questions section).
RRD Measurement Archive (Java)

2007-03-21 Version 2.0

  • New: Lookup Service registration
  • New: pre-install, configure, deploy, test steps in installation process
  • New: echoRequest functionality
  • New: 64-bit Linux support for building the rrdjtool library
  • New: result codes
  • New: support for mulitple service in one Tomcat instance
  • New: removing whitespaces such as newline, tabs, etc that are present in the request messages
  • Change: support for new utilization evenType value naming scheme
  • Change: log4J configuration in
  • Fixed Bug #108: installation process
  • Fixed Bug #109: installation process
SQL Measurement Archive

2007-03-22 Version 2.0

  • New: support for relational database data storage
  • New: Support for utilization and L2 path status
  • New: Lookup Service registration
  • New: echoRequest functionality
  • New: result codes
  • New: pre-install, configure, deploy, test steps in installation process
  • New: support for new utilization evenType value naming scheme
  • New: support for both new ( and old (Path.Status) link status evenType value naming scheme
  • Fixed Bug #50: More descriptive debug information in log
  • Fixed Bug #83: Installation process
  • Fixed Bug #127: Installation process
  • Fixed Bug #133: Installation process
  • Fixed Bug #135: Installation process
  • Fixed Bug #154: Error code generated if eventType is missing or its value is unknown
Lookup Service

2007-03-26 XML LS 1.1

  • New Message Handler
  • Exist HTTP access
  • Result codes
  • Performance improvements, bugs fixes
  • Echo Request (with LS-echo functionality for testing DB connection and configuration)
  • LS Cleanup rewritten
  • New installation/configuration (ant targets)
SSH/Telnet Measurement Point

2007-03-14: Version 1.0 (first release)

  • show-like information exposure
  • symbolic command names are used
  • transparent naming across devices from multiple-vendors
  • multiple devices in one request supported
  • regular expressions can be specified for parameter checking
  • token-bucket algorithm for limiting the number of request that are allowed
  • finegrained configuration of commands possible
  • extra information concerning commands can be specified
  • minimum/maximum number of parameters can be specified
  • caching period of results can be configured
  • supports basic Lookup Service registration
  • supports Echo-request functionality

2007-05-27: Version 1.1

  • minor fixes
Command Line Measurement Point

2007-03-15: Version 1.0 (first release)

  • on-demand measurements using command-line tools
  • tested extensively in FreeBSD and Linux
  • should work in any JAVA compatible OS
  • supported tools:
  • ping
  • traceroute
  • OWAMP (3.0b and prior)
  • BWCTL (1.2a and prior)
  • configurable resource protection for limiting the number of simultaneous requests allowed for a particular tool
  • supports basic Lookup Service registration
  • supports Echo-request functionality
BWCTL Measurement Point

2007-03-15: Version 1.0 (first release)

  • allows the user to launch BWCTL measurements using the BWCTL tool
  • can handle SetupDataRequests and MetadataKeyRequests
  • supports basic Lookup Service registration
  • implemented as generic service that can handle different service types in parallel
  • new types can easily be added
  • other service types available (not thoroughly tested or even expected to work properly): Hades MA, RIPE MA, and OWAMP MP
  • implemented like a typical UNIX daemon
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