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perfSONAR 2.1

perfSONAR 2.1

  • New product added - E2EMon MP
  • Improvements to commands configuration during SSH/Telnet MP installation. Easy-to-use, pre-defined commands now available during installation. You can also create your own pre-defined command set by following the ascii file format.
  • Enhancements to bundle installer - some dependency checks for ant, environment variables, perl modules and system commands such as wget
SSH/Telnet MP
  • Changed the way the stitching goes for the SSH/TELNET MP. Users now have the option to provide a file, a CSV file containing the configuration, or configure the devices manually and choose which commands they wish to be supported for the devices (either from a list, or a preconfigured package of commands).

2007-08-20: Version 1.2

  • Changed the stitching procedure
  • CSV file supported
  • users choose the commands instead of providing all information themselves
  • minimum packages of commands supported for several device types

2007-08-20: Version 1.1

  • E2EMon MP is capable of providing Web Service based access to status of lightpaths stored in XML file
  • auto-installation is added. perfsonar-bundle approach for installation
  • Supports perfSONAR error notifications
  • MP is automatically started after installation
  • can be used to test communication with MP
Known Issues
  • Leading and trailing White spaces (spaces, new lines, tabs) in xml elements contained in requests can sometimes lead to undesirable/incorrect behavior. It is suggested that unnecessary/formatting white spaces SHOULD NOT be introduced either in xml requests or in the xml metadata configuration file
  • The installer may not clearly mention that tomcat restart is required before the last action it does in deploy step.
  • Jakarta Tomcat log files (catalina.out) tend to overflow (especially when LS registration is turned on). Re-routing them to /dev/null is suggested
  • XML-LS pre-installation step requires that eXist database be installed and 'initiated'. This varies from RRD MA and SQL MA services which can automatically do the installation and initiation.
  • BWCTL MP installer stores the configuration insider the perl files (except pre-install). This is not similar to the Java services
  • SQL MA could encounter problems due to user privileges. The default installation scripts for SQL tables (lightpath and utilisation) make use of '%'. Sometimes this use of '%' instead of 'localhost' or any specific service name causes the SQL database to not allow the request to continue. This can be handled on the SQL database side by changing the user's privileges to 'localhost' or the dns entry of the machine where the SQL MA is installed.
  • SQL MA - store functionality does not validate the store request thoroughly. Although proper requests succeed, improper ones could end up being stored as well
  • The collection names that need to be provided in eXist (XML database) is fixed (see default values in interactive questions section). This means that you won't be able to provide your own names to these collections.
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