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psUI version 1.3.1

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perfSONAR UI version 1.3.1: release notes

This page contains the release notes of the perfSONAR UI version 1.3.1.  This version was released on August 13th 2014.

Note: version 1.3 of psUI was never published.

Supported platforms and requirements

We provide perfSONAR UI version 1.3 packages for the following platforms:

  • Debian 7
  • RHEL 6.5
  • CentOS 6.5

Additionally, perfSONAR UI will probably work with the following platforms:

  • Ubuntu 12.04
  • Scientific Linux 6.5
New Features
  • PSANALYSIS-302 - AAI-Framework integration in to web based psUI (AuthN part only)
  • PSANALYSIS-324 - psUI Géant instance should be able to accept requests from Tools portal without AuthN/AuthZ
  • [PSANALYSIS-444] - New choose login page for new AuthN
  • [PSANALYSIS-447] - Include IdP discovery Page for new AuthN
  • PSANALYSIS-439 - Display psUI version number and other infos in an about box
  • [PSANALYSIS-340] - psUI compatible with ps BUOY
  • psUI log analysis script is distributed with package
  • PSANALYSIS-321 - [PerfSONAR] joins up the beginning and ending data points when there is no data available resulting in misleading graphs
  • PSANALYSIS-434 - Package groupId should be net.geant.perfsonar
  • PSANALYSIS-450 - perfSONAR UI does not allow for having an MA registered twice with different service type
  • PSANALYSIS-452 - a refresh meta-data button needed
  • PSANALYSIS-453 - Loss presentation in OWD MAs
Corrected bugs
  • PSANALYSIS-325 - Using psUI Géant instance through Tools portal leads to an error
  • PSANALYSIS-458 - Wrong tomcat dependency in psUI 1.3.1 Debian package

GÉANT Production instance

The GÉANT community will shortly be able to access the updated production instance at the same URL as before:


You can download Debian and RPM packages for this release through our perfSONAR repository (which is the preferred way) or with the direct links below:


Along with this release you can find:

Report issues

If you see any issue with this new version or any new feature or improvement you'd like to ask for the upcoming versions, we'd love to hear about you through our issue reporting system (please use the perfSONAR - Analysis tools project and the psUI web component).

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