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h2. Latest {nl:AutoBAHN} stable release 3.3 (27/04/2015)

* [AutoBAHN system|]: Patched (07/04/2016) for limiting reservations listing transfered to the Portal. The main software stack that contains the NSA/IDM and the NRM/DM that are setup for each participating domain. Includes the installation guide and cookbook.
* [WebGUI|]: The web based graphical user interface for submitting service requests. A single {nl:WebGUI} instance can control multiple {nl:AutoBAHN} domain installations.
* [Topology Service|]: Handles NML topologies centrally. A single Topology Service instance can serve multiple {nl:AutoBAHN} domain installations.
* [The installation guide|]: Includes overall explanation of the architecture and software components, and instructions on how to install the {nl:AutoBAHN} system, the {nl:WebGUI} and the Topology Service components.
* [Cookbook for GEANT BoD service| Cookbook for Geant BoD.doc]: Quick start guide for deployments in the GEANT BoD service.
* [Application for automated testing|]: An application that can be configured to run periodic automated tests to an AutoBAHN instance and report results via email.

h2. cNIS

{nl:AutoBAHN} versions from 3.0 work best with cNIS 3.4.1 but can also work with cNIS 3.2 and cNIS 3.3.

You can download cNIS from [cNIS site|] and follow the installation instructions.

Or you can drop the following archives directly in your Apache Tomcat webapps folder:

cNIS version 3.4.1:
* [cnis.war|]

h2. TP Framework

* [TP Framework|]: Technology Proxy Framework for customization based on shell commands templates.

h2. Dependencies for {nl:WebGUI}

* [psi-probe|] (probe.war v2.3.1): A module for managing sessions, logged in users etc.